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Experience the marine world untethered and unfiltered.

Don't Let Fog Ruin The Fun

Who wants to have one of the greatest experiences of their life interrupted by foggy glasses?

Our glasses are made from anti-fog poly-carbonate glass which guarantee you a fogless underwater experience.

Get a Full Underwater View

Show your friends what they MISSED... Somebody’s going to be an Instagram star!

Our snorkels come with an inbuilt go pro attachment, so you’ll be able to record your underwater experiences and share it with the world (Hello Instagram stories!)

The camera is hands-free, so you can continue exploring uninterrupted!

Best Underwater Snorkles Online In USA | Splashore

Get the Ultimate Underwater Experience

100% Fog & Shatter Proof

Best Underwater Snorkles Online In USA | Splashore

Fits All Head Size & Shapes

Go Non-Toxic, Save Our Marine Friends.

We pledged to go non-toxic to save our marine friends. 
The material is comfortable for divers during its use and being non-toxic, it does not harm the environment when they are discarded.

$50 Off Limited Time Sale

Before our limited time sale, many happily paid $100 for our snorkels. Imagine how happy you will be when you snatch it at only $49.97.